A Little Story about Perseverance

Once upon a time, a long, long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away…

Ok, sorry, got a bit carried away there!

We just want to share with you a story about how, by persevering and being flexible, you can generate press coverage for your company.

A few years ago we were working with a healthcare expert. We identified an opportunity for her in Stella magazine, a magazine supplement within the Sunday Telegraph. The page was called The Knowledge and featured a different expert each week commenting on specific topics. The topics ranged from how to give yourself the perfect manicure right through to how to take the perfect holiday photographs and we were sure that our client would fit perfectly on this page talking about her specialist health subject.

The team at Stella magazine are very difficult to get hold of but we called them numerous times to pitch our client in and were told to send a pitch email in, which we did. Then…nothing. So we’d send another pitch, but nothing. This went on for a while with no result and we were getting a little disheartened because we KNEW that our client would be perfect for this page. Eventually, after about 20 emails, we decided to give it one more go. Our intention is never to stalk or annoy journalists obviously and we had to draw the line somewhere.

But, after the twenty first email, we received a response from the journalist saying that she’d love to feature our client and several weeks later a whole page dedicated to her expertise appeared in the magazine resulting in a huge uplift to her web traffic and hundreds of new subscribers to her newsletter.

Now, the journalist wasn’t ignoring our previous emails and she hadn’t decided that the subject matter wasn’t of interest, she had simply been overwhelmed with emails and missed them. Our perseverance ultimately paid off, gave the journalist a good story to fill the page with and generated a fantastic result for our client.

The lesson? Understand the media outlet you’re pitching to to make sure your story really is relevant to the outlet, hone your pitch so that it’s easy to read, and keep at it. Sending an email and keeping your fingers crossed just isn’t enough.