Diversity Reaps Rewards

Diversity is a buzzword among recruiters and HR professionals and over the past few years companies have woken up to the benefits of having a diverse team with different backgrounds and experiences and a different range of skills.

But does diversity apply only to staff?

Diversity in the thinking styles of suppliers is something which is often overlooked. Everyone has a different way of thinking and resolving problems which is based on their experiences and knowledge so the concept of diversity shouldn’t stop at recruitment. As a PR agency with experience across a wide range of industries, we know first-hand the benefits of diversity of experience.

Firstly, our reading is wide…very wide. Our client base extends from HR to pet products to mental health to franchises to security to name just a few and many of these clients have more than one objective. For example, a franchise organisation has two aims; to raise awareness of their franchise to potential franchisees and to raise awareness of the company as a whole to potential customers. To achieve these aims, we must reach three different target audiences which requires knowledge of three different media avenues – franchise and business press, consumer press and regional press, and each of these requires a different approach a different style of pitching and a different style of writing. The only way to be able to achieve results is to understand that and combine our experience and research skills to provide the media with something that will appeal to them.

Quite often it’s only by drilling down into the core of the business through in-depth discussions with clients that we can really get to grips with who their clients are and where they find their information. Our role as PR consultants is to advise clients how to make the most of their PR budget to help them achieve their objectives, so if getting into Security Matters is going to benefit them more than being on The Today Programme, it’s our job to know that and work on generating that coverage.

We also ensure that no opportunities to communicate their messages are missed. We have to be incredibly well informed and stay abreast of the latest news nationally and regionally and follow different industry developments. How many PR agencies can claim to have Property Investor News, Professional Engineering, Marie-Claire and Management Today on their reading list?

A journalist we know who also does some PR work called us recently as he wasn’t getting results for one of his clients. His press releases weren’t being picked up and he didn’t understand why. Within a few days of speaking to us he’d secured two pieces of significant coverage for his client because we were able to think differently about the project and our experience means we were able to recommend alternative approaches which worked.

We strongly believe that choosing an agency is not about picking an industry-specific one; it’s about picking a team of people who can think outside the box, who are willing to push boundaries and come up with innovative ideas and who will spend the time understanding you, your business and who you need to be seen by and how they can help you achieve that.

So embrace diversity, both in your workforce and in your suppliers. Who knows what they can bring to your business.