Invite us to dinner…

We love networking. In London or in Bucks you’ll often find us getting to know other people in business and finding out more about what they do. Networking’s a great way to grow a business and meet interesting people and you never know where it can lead, but one thing that we sometimes struggle with, is the question ‘so, what do you specialise in?’.

When we started the business, almost 14 years ago, our aim was to work with people and businesses that we wanted to work with and who we thought we could help and that’s still our ethos today.

True, we talk about how we work with individuals and businesses which want to be seen as experts in their field and as ‘thought leaders’ but the range of topics we work on are extremely varied.

Our practical approach to PR means we don’t do ‘stunts’ – although we’re not knocking the agencies who do that as they can be very successful– it’s more that our clients want to be featured in their relevant press for their knowledge, their opinions and their expertise.

The approach to generate press coverage for clients requires a measured approach, which requires an in-depth knowledge of a client’s business, what their areas of expertise is and the issues they feel particularly strongly about. We also need to know what’s going on in their industry – what are the hot topics people are discussing and what can our client add to the conversation. We also need knowledge of the media around the industry, what sort of articles do they run, do they accept commissioned articles and what sort of topics are they going to be interested in.

Fundamentally, the process of media relations is the same. What changes is the media, the issues and the approach but by doing our research, monitoring the media and getting under the skin of our clients’ businesses, we are able to position them as the experts in their field.

When you consider that our clients include companies working with graduates and large corporates with an interest in education to venue security and crowd management and a privately owned landowner and sand and gravel supplier with a passion for supporting their local community, you can see the variety of clients we work with and how our approach works.

This is why, if you invite us to a dinner party, we can happily expound on venue security, sheep diseases, body language, relationships, business practices, employee engagement and numerous other topics.

One of our team just said: ‘I love my job, one minute I’m researching the medical device press and the next I’m speaking to Cosmo about relationships!’.

As they say, variety is the spice of life so whether you want to be in The Independent, on The Victoria Derbyshire Show, in Intersec, or Farming Today, we can help!