Placement Year at Cerub PR

During the last seven months I’ve been learning about the world of public relations at Cerub PR on my placement year from studying Journalism at The University of Portsmouth and I’ve already been exposed to many opportunities at Cerub which has expanded my knowledge of public relations.

At Cerub, I have been writing blogs and press releases for clients, talking to journalists, doing press cuttings, creating media lists, monitoring social media activity and the list goes on! I’ve had many opportunities to get involved with PR activities. I even got the chance to write an article for a client for We Are the City, a well-known business website. I’ve learnt about the workings of media databases and online PR resources which are necessities for a PR professional.

So far on my placement I’ve loved doing social media for our clients and for Cerub, from finding interesting articles to talk about, to interacting with users and creating infographics, I’ve had a real insight into what social media can do for your business. I’m also a bit obsessed with checking the Twitter analytics every day! I also enjoy finding bloggers who might be interested in trying out a product we’re working on. Additionally, I like doing press cuttings for our clients, it’s always good seeing the results of our hard work.

Having only studied public relations on my course for a few months, I knew that I would have challenges along the way. Firstly, it took me a while to get used to phoning journalists, however after some calls I was more confident and this way it helped me to build relationships with them. I also found that I have to be a lot more thorough when creating media lists; I’ve learnt that a lot of research has to go into finding the right contacts and to double check everything.

The transition from student life to working in an office was as I had expected… I definitely appreciate my weekends more! However, I’ve really enjoyed being part of a team and taking part in Mix 96’s War of the Works competition for a week, we even won pizza which was a bonus.

I was nervous before starting my placement at Cerub because I didn’t really know what to expect, however, I soon realised that studying a journalism degree has helped me with my understanding of the media. I have learnt so much already at Cerub which I will take into my final year at University. I now have a deeper understanding of how journalists work with PR professionals and how to adapt different writing styles to different stories.