The A-Z of PR

Ok, we won’t really give you the whole A-Z, otherwise we’ll be here for ever and so will you, so we’re just going to run through some of the things that we do on a day to day basis…

Researching – One of the most important things that we do is research. We research the stories in the news every day to check if there’s anything relevant to our clients or something they should be commenting on – by reacting to news stories we’ve had coverage on BBC radio stations up and down the UK, Newsnight, CNBC, Five Live and Good Morning Britain among others.

We also go through newspapers and magazines to identify pages and features where our clients’ products and services might fit. There’s no point in us pitching a pet product to a travel magazine for example (unless it’s a product suitable for pet travel obviously!).

Writing – Much of our time is spent writing, whether it’s a press release to give information on a client’s product, service or event, a pitch to a journalist, a 2,000 word commissioned article giving our client’s thoughts on issues affecting their industry, a newsletter or a blog, we write articles tailored to fit the audience.

Talking – Yes, we know, PR people love to talk, but it is an essential part of our job. It’s only by speaking to journalists that we can find out if a story is going to be suitable. Sometimes it’s through having a discussion about an idea that may not work, that leads you to an idea that will work. It’s also a way to build mutually beneficial relationships with journalists.

Chasing – Maybe chasing isn’t the right word, maybe ‘reminding’ would be better, but it’s our job to remind both clients and the media. We know that our clients are busy running their businesses or their departments and that getting press releases or text signed off is not the most important thing on their to-do list, so for us to meet our deadlines, it’s important for our clients to meet theirs.

In the same way, sometimes we need to chase journalists to check they’ve received emails or press releases we’ve sent and to see if they are of interest. When journalists receive hundreds of emails every day, it’s easy to get lost, so it’s our job to make sure our client’s information is seen.

Socialising – We do like making new friends, but in this sense, we mean social media. We undertake social media on behalf of our clients, which ties in with the research work we mentioned above. We identify relevant stories to post which will appeal to their followers and engage with their target audience by talking to them, sharing interesting content, answering their queries and posting links to achieved press coverage, blogs and company news.

It would have been great to put all this in a pithy acronym, but there’s only so much you can do with R,W,T,C,S. Any bright ideas, please do let us know!